My name is Bree (aka Mrs. P). I became "Mrs. P" on October 8, 2011 when I married my wonderful husband and everyone began calling me "Mrs. P" as a nickname.


I am a makeup/beauty enthusiast located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (born & raised).  I am a mom of two wonderful boys, as well as two dogs (Lilo the Frenchie & Chloe the Westie), and two cats (Miss Sassafras the Ragdoll & Macchiato Friday, a Maine Coon mix rescue cat).

I have a loving and amazing British husband (yes he has the accent and everything!) but he prefers to not be on social media much.


I am a fully certified Nail Technician and made the career change after 12 years of being a legal assistant.  However, when a pandemic hit in 2020 and schools, salons, and other businesses were closed, I left the salon to be home with my children full-time and take care of our household.  During those extremely challenging times, anxiety and depression got the best of me and I found myself in a fairly dark place.  Luckily I was able to realize rather quickly what was happening and I sought help from a local wellness coach who I am now proud to call a very close friend & mentor.

Through my health and fitness journey I overcame my anxiety and depression and reshaped my mind & body.  I also realized a passion for helping others myself and transitioned my career to becoming an independent Wellness Coach.  By the end of 2020 I had completed my studies, gained my Life Coach Certification, and founded "Bree's Be F.A.B. Life Coaching".  My mission is to help women live:




Through mindset, fitness, and nutrition.

I love coffee, colour, cars, music, food, and fashion!

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