A Christmas Movie Challenge

Well it's 2020 and we have no idea what exactly Christmas is going to have in store for us this year. So how does a Christmas Movie Bingo sound?!

Christmas is my absolute favourite holiday and I make a big deal of the whole season, not just the week of Christmas. I normally start decorating the last weekend of November but this year I started right after Remembrance Day...cuz WHY NOT?!

I've been hard-pressed to meet anyone who was quite as in love with the Christmas season as my mom when I was growing up. My entire childhood I recall Christmas decorations everywhere, in nearly ever corner of the house she could put them, and they were up right at the beginning of December. It was funny because my dad was a bit of a Scrooge LOL. My brother and I even had little desktop Christmas trees for our bedrooms with miniature decorations and lights that we got to put on ourselves. I also remember my mom loving to go to the Christmas store that used to be in West Edmonton Mall, in the middle of summer (any time of year for that matter). When it came to Christmas Day, Santa had never JUST come and filled our stockings. Santa STUFFED our stockings and added presents under the tree that were so beautifully wrapped it was a shame to unwrap them. Santa would also leave EVIDENCE of his visit in the forms of sooty footprints on the mantle (oh the days of actual wood burning fireplaces in homes LOL), handwritten letters to my brother and I, and cookie crumbs or half eaten cookies because he said in his letter he was so stuffed already he couldn't possibly eat another whole cookie. I was raised with a deep love for the whole Christmas season. There was also never a Christmas Eve or Day that we missed watching How The Grinch Stole Christmas, A Muppet Family Christmas, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and Garfield's Christmas. It's actually a tradition I've carried on with my own children where we watch all those classic movies together and they love them!

Obviously, over the years the amount of Christmas movies that have been made are staggering. One of my favourite things to do during the run up to Christmas is watch Christmas movie: alone, with my husband, or as a whole family. This year, hubby and I scoured the internet and lists upon lists to pick out all the best possible Christmas movies or ones that we hadn't see before. I've compiled them into a Bingo sheet of 49 Christmas movies and we'll be starting December 1st (possibly November 30th actually because the kids have a PD day so a pyjama day is in store). We'll see how many movies we can cross off by Christmas. I'm personally aiming for the WHOLE SHEET!!

I'd love to have YOU play along with us so I'm attaching my Bingo sheet below. Feel free to save it and post it to your Instagram and/or Facebook stories and pages, crossing off movies as you go, and tag me so I can see how you're coming along (Instagram: @fabulous_life_of_mrs_p Facebook: Bree Penfold). How many can you cross off by the time Christmas rolls around?! I CAN'T WAIT :)

Christmas Movie Bingo

Happy watching and I'd love to know your favourite Christmas movie...did it make it onto my list???

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