A Fresh Start & Introduction

Hello and welcome to my brand new blog! For those of you new to my world, my name is Bree. On social media I go by Mrs. P, a nickname I acquired when I married my wonderful husband on October 8, 2011 and everyone started calling me "Mrs. P" :)

I have quite the busy little household around here so there's always something on the go or something to share. My husband and I have two boys, two dogs (Chloe the Westie & Lilo the Frenchie), and two cats (Miss Sassafras the Ragdoll & Macchiato Friday the Maine Coon mix). It's a veritable zoo around here most days!

I've been a stay-at-home mom to our two boys for quite some time now. Previous to the birth of our second son I was a legal assistant for 12 years. I always had hobbies on the go such as photography, scrapbooking, nails, graphic design, etc. Once our second son was born though the time for hobbies was basically non existent and I had zero creative outlet - as you can imagine, legal assistant does not allow for much creativity on the job LOL. My husband also changed jobs before my maternity leave was over and the new job paid quite well, however, required him to be out of town on a regular basis. We decided it was best for our family if I was a full-time stay-at-home mom to raise our kids and make sure that at least one parent was ALWAYS there for the kids, no matter what! So that is how I spent the next six years of my life, taking care of the family and household.

During that time I also dabbled in a little entrepreneurial venture making hand-mixed nail polish and natural hand care products. I sold these products at local trade shows, craft markets, and eventually online. I also wrote a nail blog to go along with my little concoctions. However, without a decent amount of available money to invest into my little venture and a downturn in the economy the home business just wasn't cutting it and unfortunately fizzled out. It wasn't a total loss though, as I realized a huge passion for nails and we decided I should take the necessary steps to become a certified nail technician.

Over the next year I took a course that qualified me in anything and everything to do with natural nail care and artificial nail enhancements. In between my studies I also developed a love of watching youtube makeup tutorials, and started my own youtube beauty channel. I immediately started a nail business out of the home and once the kids were both in full-day school, five days a week, I began working in a nail salon to gain more experience and exposure/clientele.

This brings us to today, where I still work at the nail salon, part-time when hubby is home so I can still pick up the kids and be there for them after school and on weekends. I work more full-time hours when hubby is home and he takes on the majority of the household duties and being there for the kids.

I still dabble in youtube videos and I'm always on Instagram & Facebook. My plan for this website/blog is to encompass all of my passions, interests & various social medias, as well as the things that make our family unique and keep us happy. In short, everything that makes up my "fabulous life" :) In order to truly capture my style and personality I wanted to start a new website/blog that had more options for future expansion and was more aesthetically pleasing, along the lines of what I like to see in blogs and websites when I'm surfing the web (do people still say that these days?! LOL)

So if you are new to my world, WELCOME and I hope you enjoy this journey with me. If you are an already existing or longtime follower, THANK YOU for your continued support and I hope you enjoy this next phase!

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