A Wellness Journey That Has Truly Transformed Me!

You all know how much of a makeup and beauty lover I am. I’ve loved rediscovering the joy of it all these last few years, practicing and honing my skills. Makeup aside though, I’m a firm believer that beauty starts from within and your inner beauty is what is truly something to behold. I still love beauty but with the current circumstances it just hasn't been a priority.

The world has taken a huge turn recently. Everything got flipped upside down and came to a grinding halt. Priorities shifted drastically and instantly when I found out my children could no longer go to school and that my husband would be home and travelling for work much less. Suddenly makeup didn’t enter my mind anymore and that time I used to play with makeup I would rather spend chilling with my family watching a show, or better yet, taking a bath or a nap because I was exhausted. I was exhausted from making sure the kids were getting their online lesson plans completed, constantly cleaning and tidying because we were ALL home ALL the time now, stressing about less income and what bills I could pay and when, etc. I wasn’t putting any effort into myself anymore, I had next to zero connection with anyone outside of my own home, and on top of that I was constantly looking for food and snacks because I was eating my feelings or I was eating out of boredom. I was becoming someone I wasn’t happy with and I lost my passion for things. In a lot of ways I was simply on autopilot.

I felt myself slipping, anxieties becoming stronger, causing more negativity. I would get into fights with my children over the smallest things, I wasn’t completely present while my husband was home but when he did have to go to work I would wallow and feel alone. I tried exercising to hopefully increase some positive endorphins and combat any weight gain from all the eating, even if it was minimal weight gain. However, I couldn’t find a program I truly enjoyed, could give my all to, and stick with consistently for any length of time through to completion.

Just when I needed it most though, my coach (and now someone I’m proud and honoured to call my friend) introduced me to a new boxing program that was launching. I tried the sample workout and I was hooked! It’s a shadow boxing based fitness program but to me it was empowering and such a release. I actually enjoyed it which I hadn’t enjoyed any fitness program in a long time. I immediately contacted my coach and signed up for early access to the program and started the following Monday.

I’ve been doing this program since and haven’t missed a day! I’ve noticed significant improvements in my physical appearance, however, what’s been the biggest improvement is my MENTAL HEALTH! This program has allowed me a release of all my emotions, stress, anxieties, and frustrations each and every day. Nothing has been allowed to bottle up inside me and fester which has allowed me to be more positive, patient and present throughout these difficult times we’ve all been thrust into.

This program and the AMAZING COMMUNITY that comes with it has given me the confidence that stress, anxiety and uncertain times had taken away from me. I also found a strength and determination far beyond any I had before. Fitness and nutrition are now a routine part of my life no matter what is going on and I have no doubt I’ll continue with it because I truly love it and what it’s done for me internally and externally.

I've finally found nutrition supports and a program I am loving, have COMPLETED, and have RESTARTED AGAIN!  The team support, motivation, and accountability has been a GAME CHANGER!  It's heartwarming and comforting to have that sense of community, even though you're doing it from home, and especially during all these social distancing times.  At the start of this pandemic, anxiety and fear controlled me and I was extremely overwhelmed.  I'm so grateful for the last couple months and the achievements I've made physically and mentally.  If I can help others reach their goals and beyond, I would be so humbled.

I've always been a positive, helpful, and encouraging individual but I wasn't always that way towards myself.  Over the years I've learned to love and accept myself, at all stages, advocate for myself, and work on personal development.  I think I've finally found my true calling and I'm SUPER EXCITED to spread my wings as a wellness coach and help others on their own journeys! 

The hardest thing to do at the beginning of any wellness journey is be your own advocate and cheerleader. So let me help you and I’ll be an advocate and cheerleader FOR YOU until you feel you can takeover that role yourself (and you WILL at some point in your journey, I promise). Once you get to that point and you truly believe in yourself I’ll back you 100% and always be in your corner for accountability, motivation, encouragement and anything else you might need! This was exactly what I needed when I needed it and if I can help do for someone what my coach did for me, I’m ALL IN! I love watching others transform and succeed on their own personal journeys. I repeat, YOUR OWN PERSONAL JOURNEY, not mine, not someone else’s, YOURS!

We all know the saying that two heads are better than one, well I say an entire POSSE is even better!  I plan to build my own posse of like-minded, empowering individuals to help inspire, motivate, and celebrate with!  We’re all different and what works for some doesn’t work for others so don't play the comparison game. But we all struggle and together we are stronger!  Let’s figure out what works for YOU and how you can be the best version of YOU.

If you would like to follow along and get a closer look at my own personal journey, please feel free to join me over on my instagram.

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