Holiday 3-Wick Candle Recommendations

'Tis one of the most wonderful times of the year! Bath & Body Works holiday fragrances are out, which means... HOLIDAY 3-WICK CANDLES!!! Sorry for shouting but honestly I LOVE their candles, especially at holiday time! I wait all year long for these holiday releases, just like the holiday drinks from Starbucks *drooling*

I am going to breakdown my top recommendations for which scents you should purchase this holiday season.

Starting off with a classic, Fresh Balsam. With notes of woodland balsam, crisp eucalyptus, fir branches, and cedarwood this is a must-have for many.  Although, it's not a personal favourite of mine, I am recommending it because it is a very classic scent and very reminiscent of a forest full of the biggest, fullest Christmas trees. This candle comes in three different designs: the one pictured on the left; a square label that looks like a front door with  a holiday wreath; and a full green wrap around the entire jar with golden yellow sketches of leaves and acorns.

Vanilla Bean Noel has been a scent that has been around for as long as I can remember and it's one of my very top favourites this time of year. Notes of vanilla bean, marshmallow fluff, and vanilla cake make for a mouthwatering treat that fills the air. It always makes me feel so warm and cozy!! It looks like the design pictured to the left is the only design available for this candle (online at least). Check your brick and mortar stores for more possible options. 

What's Christmas without candy canes?! Even if you aren't a fan of the actual candy and eating them, the scent is an absolute must around the holiday season. Hence why Twisted Peppermint with its notes of cool peppermint, sugared snow, vanilla buttercream, fresh balsam, and a hint of musk is another of my absolute top picks. Honestly, I don't smell much, or any, of the balsam or musk myself, but I'm also that person that doesn't taste every subtle fruity or spicy note in many wines and champagnes LOL.  Again, it looks like the design pictures to the left is the only design available for this candle (online at least).  Check your brick and mortar stores for possible options. 

Another iconic scent for this time of year is anything gingerbread! Of course I have to recommend Spiced Gingerbread with its notes of vanilla icing, cinnamon sugar, and fresh ground nutmeg. I would be completely fine if everything smelled and tasted of gingerbread all year long. And yes, Starbucks, I'm specifically looking at you and having your gingerbread latte available all year long...dream come true!  The design to the left is again the only one available online but perhaps your local brick and mortar store will have other options available.

This next recommendations isn't necessarily just for the Christmas season but rather for any celebratory season all year round. Though I do particularly like it during the holiday season. Champagne Toast is a lovely alternative to the typical spiced, peppermint, and greenery scents of the season. It's notes of bubbly champagne, sparkling berries, and sweet orange are sure to put you in a cheery disposition and get you celebrating! This is especially good for any parties where you'll be ringing in the new year and toasting to all the things to come. I for one love a good champagne, prosecco or sparkling cocktail!  Who's with me?!  This candle has several options for its look: the one pictured here; a sparkly confetti type wrap in metallic red, silver, and gold; a peachy coloured glass jar with an art deco type of wrap in yellow gold tones with a hint of bronze glitter; and a simple peach coloured frosted glass jar with the typical "White Barn" label.


Now if you're looking for a cozy wintery scent that's not too sweet I highly suggest Marshmallow Fireside. This one has notes of toasted marshmallow, smoldering woods, fire roasted vanilla, and crystalized amber. Everything balances out so nicely with this scent so the marshmallow and vanilla don't come across as sickly sweet like some other scents. I know for a lot of individuals they don't care for the overly sweet scents and this would be perfect for them. It reminds me of gathering around a fire pit on a mild winter's eve and roasting marshmallows under the stars. There are two other design options available aside from the one I have pictured here: a full jar wrap in a gold and ivory almost birchbark-like texture; and another wrap with leaves pictured on one side and a warm campfire on the other.

Another must have scent for this time of year in my opinion is a warm spicy cider scent. Spiced Apple Toddy delivers on this in every way and warms up my insides with every sniff. With notes of warm apple brandy, spiced plum, tart cranberry, and cinnamon stick it'll have you craving a hot cider after another! The only other design for this scent comes in a beautiful deep red glass jar with a large square label of a sketched drawing of two little birds in a wintery forest wearing red toques and scarves.

WARNING this candle is extremely sweet smelling but if you're into that sort of thing it is another must and really fills a room with its notes of crushed peppermint, fluffy marshmallows, and powdered sugar. If you're one that generally has a sweet tooth then you will love this. My little guy loves anything and everything marshmallow and this is one of his absolute favourites every holiday season and one of the first ones he'll reach for if I ask him to help me choose which candle to burn for the day. He's also a big fan of Marshmallow Fireside mentioned above. There are no other design options available for this candle online but as with all the others that show only one online option, make sure to check your brick and mortar store for any other possible options.

If you are the type of individual that enjoys real Christmas trees instead of artificial, especially for their scent, then you will LOVE Evergreen. With notes of white fir needles, fresh cedarwood, and sweet sap it invokes the feeling of rummaging through a Christmas tree forest on a crisp winter day searching for the perfect tree to adorn your home during the holidays. Again, this candle is only available in the one design online so check your brick and mortar stores for possible additional options. Although, who wouldn't want this stunning iridescent jar?! The way the candlelight would dance and reflect through this jar, especially once it is burned down further, would be a mesmerizing sight to behold. I'm not a huge fan of these type of scents but I would get it just for the look of the jar alone...that's not crazy is it?! LOL!

Although Flannel is not my personal cup of tea, I know several people who's cup of tea it absolutely is and plenty of your favourite bloggers will have this burning in the background of a lot of their posts and it will grace their feeds and stories on social media all winter long. The notes of fresh bergamot, heirloom mahogany, and soft musk make for a very natural aroma. Again, this is the only design available online so check your local brick and mortar store for other possible options. I love this sketch of the polar bear wearing a scarf and the snowflake at the tip of his nose is just precious. The colour of this jar is stunning for a beautiful wintery decor that doesn't come across as Christmasy if you are someone who doesn't celebrate Christmas or if you want to decorate your home for the whole winter season without it looking too much like Christmas once Christmas Day has passed.

Hot Cocoa & Cream is a winter must have in our house. It is probably my youngest son's absolute favourite of all the winter scents. This candle boasts notes of decadent milk chocolate, fresh steamed milk, and mini marshmallows. There is nothing better than heading inside after being out in the cold, whether you were tobogganing or shovelling snow, and warming up with a steaming cup of hot chocolate...with marshmallows if you're a little EXTRA ;) This cute kitty in the window design is the only option online, but if you're not a cat person check your brick and mortar store for other options.

And there you have it folks! My top suggestions for your winter/holiday Bath & Body Works 3-wick candle purchases. Did I include all of your favourites? Did I miss any? If there are any scents that you love and have to purchase each year please comment down below so I can be sure to check them out myself and possibly add them to my yearly haul list :) Happy candle shopping all!

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