Make a Statement This Valentine's Day

Love it or hate it, Valentine's Day has arrived again. I personally never cared much for Valentine's Day, it's really just a Hallmark holiday if you ask me. Luckily, my husband and I share the same opinion and we don't need a certain day to show those we love how we feel, we should be showing them each and every day. On the other side of the coin, if you don't happen to be in a loving relationship (and we've all been there), this holiday can actually strike up some serious negative emotions and thoughts for some individuals.

Regardless of your relationship status or holiday opinions, this time of year does give us an extra excuse and some encouragement to slap on a bold red lip and paint the town red! I think we all know I'm a fan of a bold lip colour regardless of the time of year but around Christmas and Valentine's I do tend to opt for a bold red lip more frequently.

Today I'm going to break down my top recommendations for a bold red lip, both drugstore and high end. I've also kept my recommendations to brands that are easily found in a drugstore or Sephora so that if you don't have a red lipstick you can quickly run out to your nearest store, pick one of these beauties up, and hit the town!

Let's start with the more affordable options, you guys know I'm a big time lover of drugstore, affordable makeup.

My absolute first and foremost recommendation would have to be Pixi Beauty's Matte Last Liquid Lip in the shade Real Red. It's a super beautiful true red shade and the formula of these lipsticks is true perfection. You get an absolute matte finish with phenomenal staying power that does not suck all the life out of your lips! I also honestly and truly love the applicator of this so much! The lipstick goes on with ease, you get a nice precise line in one swipe, and the point of the applicator is perfect for getting right into the corners of your mouth without making a splotchy mess.

For those of you that aren't quite into the brighter red shades or feel it doesn't compliment your skin tone, I'm also going to recommend the shade Berry Boost. You get all the same amazing traits of Real Red but in a deep, dark, rich berry tone.

My second affordable recommendation would be NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks. These are slightly less expensive than the Pixi ones, however, I find them a tad bit drying and the applicator isn't quite as nice as the Pixi applicator. You still get matte, all-day, budge-proof wear and the shade Kitten Heels is probably the best bold, bright red you'll find at the drugstore. Again, I will recommend a darker red for those who prefer one - the shade Cherry Skies is a luxurious deep wine red.

Lastly in the affordable category we have the most inexpensive yet just as matte and long-lasting, Wet n Wild's Megalast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick. This has a funky little applicator with a bit of a notch that hugs the contours of your lips quite well and actually makes applying the lip colour fairly easy and precise. I do find this formula the most drying out of the three brands I'm suggesting. One thing I absolutely adore about Wet n Wild are their shade names and these reds do not disappoint. Flame of the Game is your typical bright, bold red shade although this one has a bit of a more orange undertone in comparison to the rest. Missy and Fierce is your darker shade option but probably the lightest of all the deep reds mentioned above.

Now we come to the cream of the crop. Although I adore affordable makeup, there's just something super special about a good quality high end brand. You can't go wrong with any of the following lipsticks as they are all perfectly matte, super long wearing, richly pigmented, and fairly comfortable to wear.

Too Faced Melted Matte Liquified Matte Longwear Lipstick has a fabulous true red with possibly the BEST name for a lipstick EVER: Lady Balls!!!

Tarte's Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paints are among my top choices for liquid lipstick formulas. They feel so lightweight on the lips, have an ever so slight cooling feeling (not a plumping lipstick), and smell delicious. The shade Extra is a beautiful bright red.

Last but certainly not least is Fenty Beauty by Rihanna and the Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color. Uncensored I believe was the original colour Rihanna came out with for this formula and boasts to be the perfect universal red. I will admit that there is something truly special about this shade in that I've never seen it look terrible on anyone, regardless of skin tone. This formula is pure perfection! So much pigmentation, so lightweight, so easy to apply, and it's got the cutest most unique applicator which works like a charm. If you are wanting to splash some cash for the perfect red lip all year long you definitely get what you pay for with this stunna! (see what I did there?!?!)

So that is that posse, my favourite and most highly recommended red lips for Valentine's Day, but really just any day you feel like making a statement with a bold red lip. Obviously as you can see, I suggested all matte liquid lipstick formulas. My reason for doing so is because if you are going to wear them for a night on the town or a big date etc. they truly are the most long wearing, fuss-free option. However, I know some people absolutely hate matte lipsticks or just simply can't wear them because their lips are just too dry. If you are one of those people I suggest first doing a real good lip scrub to get rid of any dead or flaky skin on your lips. I then suggest using a lip mask or really good lip balm while you are applying the rest of your makeup and perhaps even while doing your hair. Make the lipstick the last thing you put on and once you gently wipe the lip balm or mask away your lips should feel much smoother and more hydrated making the liquid lipstick more wearable for you. If you still find it's just too drying on it's own, by all means pop any gloss of your choice over top of the liquid lipstick and you'll be good for the night! Only problem with the gloss option is it lessens the wear time and you have to then be a bit more careful because your lip colour will no longer be transfer or smudge proof and it could also bleed around the edges throughout the night. If you are going to opt for a gloss I also suggest that you use a lip liner to help lessen or prevent any bleeding.

There you have it guys and gals. Which of these (or any other) red lips will you be sporting for Valentine's Day? If you have any favourites that I did not mention in this post please leave a comment below so I can check out your favourites and perhaps add them to my list as well!

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