Mrs. P's Fitmas ~ Day 2

Happy Day 2 of Christmas Break & Fitmas!!

I'm feeling pretty pumped about this whole thing, despite being literally sore EVERYWHERE! I kid you not, my entire body hurts except for my knees down, my elbows down, and my neck up. So all my major muscles are very tender. But you know what they say...

I was actually looking forward to today's workout because I knew it would get my body moving real good which is what I need to break up all that lactic acid and stretch out these sore muscles.


For today's workout I chose to do a Beach Body on Demand workout, specifically Country Heat's Country Swing routine. I've done this routine many times and it's a good balance between lower and higher intensity cardio levels and has little to no impact. It was a good choice for a day where my muscles needed a little bit of TLC while at the same time getting worked out and getting that heart rate climbing.

I used the fitness tracker on my apple watch today to track my heart rate and the calories burned etc. as I do like to know these things when I'm doing a cardio workout. The routine was 30 minutes long and my results were as follows:

My watch says the workout was 10 minutes longer cuz I forgot to stop the timer right when I finished LOL. Anyone else do that with their fitness trackers???

I'm super happy with those results and I really gave it my all. There were some moves that REALLY burned my quad and hamstring muscles but I pushed through and stuck it out, never quitting and I never stopped moving. It's okay to take a break if you need but at least keep marching in place or jog on the spot, don't just become stagnant and still.

So there you have it folks, Day 2 of Mrs. P's Fitmas is in the books! Tomorrow will bring a new strength training routine and challenge and I'm curious to see how my muscles feel and respond then.

Make sure you comment below with what you did for your Fitmas Challenge Day 2 so I can cheer you on!! If you're stuck for workout ideas, let me know, I have lots of things I use for at-home-workouts that I'd love to share with you.

If you missed yesterday's post, make sure to check it out here. You'll get the whole backstory as to why I'm doing this Fitmas challenge as well as all my before measurements and photos so I can share and celebrate my EXACT results with you all.

See you tomorrow!!

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