Mrs. P's Fitmas ~ Day 3

Well hello peeps! Day three of my #fitmaschallenge has arrived and I have completed my workout. I also fear that I am going to be in much need of a Dr. Teals bath later tonight as my muscles are EXTREMELY sore from the last few days. I can't wait for this first 5-7 days to be done so my muscles can stop hurting so much!!!

Going to keep it short and sweet today as it is a busy day and hubby and I have LOTS of present wrapping to do with it being Christmas Eve Eve today. Also leaving time for that much needed soak in the tub!

Today was strength training again and I did the next strength training routine in the Bikini Body Mommy 8.0 Challenge (her day 5). This workout consisted of the following:

Exercise: 60 sec / Rest :25 sec (3 sets)

1. Alternating lateral lunge touchdowns

2. Static Lunge/Bicep curl should press (right)

3. Static Lunge/Bicep curl should press (left)

4. Push-up/Downward dog alternating toe touch

I will definitely say that that last move was my most challenging and I certainly slowed down throughout the exercise intervals, especially in that last set. But I pushed through and I did it!! This routine was a bit "easier" for me than the last strength routine but that by no means meant I found it easy, cuz I DID NOT! I'm still just using my 5 lbs. dumbbells and I think I'll continue with those until sometime next week. We'll see how it all goes, I'm just taking it day by day.

Have you done your fitmas workout for today? What did you choose to do?

Bring on cardio tomorrow!!! See you then!

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