New Year, New Me...BS

Let's stop the "New Year, New Me" BS.

A new year always brings about resolutions, goals and a "new me" mentality. I don't really care for the typical resolutions anymore and I pledged a while ago to commit to being my best self every day and for the foreseeable future.

What I truly have come to dislike is the whole "new me" concept. It implies that we are not good enough as we currently are and we need an overhaul. A) that's toxic thinking B) you are you, you are the only YOU, and there is NOTHING wrong with you!


INSTEAD... go into this year, and every year going forward, believing that you are WORTHY, STRONG, LOVED & ENOUGH just as you presently are. Perhaps there is room for GROWTH: new habits, behaviours, goals, ways of thinking... but still be YOU.

How do you feel about this mindset shift?? Let's hear your thoughts below!

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