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Society nowadays involves more time than ever watching videos, swiping away on our smart devices, and staring at screens for some reason or another, whether it be business related or just for fun. Some research has suggested that Americans spend more than 11 hours a day interacting with and using devices with screens of some form or another. This is even more true and perhaps even increased now since we are house-bound, either working remotely from home using computers or watching more movies, TV, YouTube, etc. because we are bored and don't have much else to do. On top of that, we are exposing our children to smart devices and screens at much younger ages these days and for more prolonged use than when we were children. It's not just Saturday morning cartoons and an odd movie anymore. It's that, plus reading books and watching videos on tablets, and they're using devices like Chrome Books for many subjects and class exercises when it used to be just good ol' pencil and paper.

So what exactly is Blue Light?

All visible light that we see contains the full spectrum of the rainbow, from red to violet. Within that spectrum there are blue light waves that help to keep us alert and upbeat. All sources of visible light give off blue light waves, from the sun to electronic devices with screens and everything in between. Technically we get our fill of blue light waves during the day from the sun. However, when the sun goes down, we are still exposing ourselves to these blue light waves from many artificial sources.

Our bodies are supposed to start producing melatonin (the sleep hormone) when the sun goes down, signalled by the lack of light. Back in the day, before artificial light, the sun regulated our sleep patterns. Nowadays we are exposing ourselves to various light waves well after the sun goes down which in turn delays our bodies' natural production of melatonin and can lead to difficulties falling asleep or staying asleep. Not only are we exposed to light waves after sunset but we are getting overexposure from the various devices and screens we use during the day. Did you know that an average office worker spends 1700 hours a year staring at a computer?! And that is only while they are at the office! This excessive screen time can lead to various negative effects on the body such as eye strain, headaches, and insomnia. Eye strain alone can lead to blurry vision and dry eyes.

Smart devices, computers, and televisions are especially problematic

LED's can give off a significant amount of blue light waves, especially in comparison to fluorescent or incandescent light. LED's are used in almost all screens to backlight their displays, including most smartphones, tablets, computer screens, and televisions. Furthermore, we are not generally turning these devices off after the sun sets and remember, blue light waves keep us alert. Do you ever find yourself not feeling as tired as you should late at night after watching a television show or movie, or after you've been scrolling through your social media on your smartphone or tablet? That is likely due to the exposure of the blue light waves coming from those various displays. You may now find it difficult to fall asleep or even if you fall asleep fairly easily you might find it an interrupted and disrupted sleep.

What can you do to reduce blue light exposure?

I highly suggest a pair of blue light blocking glasses which have filters in their lenses that block or absorb blue light, and in some cases UV light, from getting through. They can be worn during the day to help prevent eye strain while working in front of a computer, scrolling through your phone, or watching television, and worn at night to prevent the various blue light devices from keeping you awake. I actually have several pairs of blue light glasses throughout the house so no matter what room I am in I always have a pair readily available. I do not wear prescription lenses so the glasses I have are strictly blue light blocking glasses. However, if you do have prescription lenses, you will most likely have a blue light blocking coating as an option when ordering your lenses. This works in the same way and allows those that have a prescription to also reap the benefits of blocking blue light waves.

Do blue light glasses actually work?

As mentioned above, I have several pairs of blue light glasses throughout the house. In my personal opinion and experience, I swear by them and have noticed significant benefits since utilizing them. I've been using blue light glasses for approximately six months now and I wear them pretty much any time I am staring at any type of screen throughout the day, and especially in the evening. Since wearing blue light glasses regularly I have experienced a dramatic difference in the frequency and severity of headaches. I used to suffer from constant and fairly uncomfortable headaches out of the blue which I could never decipher the cause of. After a few weeks of utilizing blue light glasses I noticed my headaches becoming less and less. My eyes also began to feel less tired and not as dry, especially in the evenings. I've also noticed that when I spend an evening watching a movie with the family or tinkering on my computer or smart devices, I can fall asleep much easier and have a more solid sleep when I have been wearing my blue light glasses. I honestly swear by them and will continue to use them well into the future.

Where can you get blue like glasses?

Of all my various pairs of blue light glasses that I own my favourite are from They actually reached out to me a little over a month ago asking to collaborate for their most recent campaign. They sent me a pair of blue light glasses, of my choosing, in exchange for an instagram post.

Upon receiving them they were instantly my favourite pair as I found them the most comfortable, the most flattering on my face, and the best quality out of all the glasses I already owned. They were extremely light weight yet didn't feel flimsy and the lenses were very clear and easy to see through with no distortion. I also really liked the virtual try-on feature on their website which allowed me to see what the frames would look like on my face and removed any hesitation on whether I would like the style or not. They have tons of frames to choose from, in any style your heart desires, and at whatever cost suits your budget best. Even better, you can benefit from their blue light glasses whether you require prescription lenses or not.

I loved the glasses I received from so much, that I've teamed up with them again for this blog post. Not only were they kind enough to send me yet another pair of blue light glasses, of my choosing, but they graciously agreed to set up a discount code for my audience to use to purchase and benefit from blue light glasses themselves. Simply head to, choose the frames you like best, select your lens details (add prescription information if required), and enter code FABMRSP20 at checkout for 20% off your purchase!

*Please note: this code expires on April 30, 2020. Furthermore, in order to choose the blue light blocking option, you must select prescription lenses, even if you do not require a prescription. Simply leave the prescription information blank if you do not have a prescription.

When you receive your glasses, your package will arrive like this:

The box contains your glasses, in a sturdy case, a cleaning cloth, and a spray bottle of cleaning solution. And I might add that both the cloth and solution do a fabulous job of cleaning, leaving your glasses smudge and smear free.

Do you have any experience with blue light glasses? Do you feel like you could benefit from blue light glasses?

Thank you to for collaborating with me once again and for sending me yet another pair of amazing glasses which I am bound to get loads of use out of! I truly feel better and have less problems when I wear my glasses regularly. Being in the world of social media, even as a micro influencer, means I'm constantly on a computer, iPad, or iPhone. Also, with the current quarantine and social distancing restrictions I find myself spending even more time staring a screens. I've even had my youngest son borrow a pair of my other blue light glasses for all the school work he has been doing online since home schooling was put in place for this school year. Luckily I don't have to worry about the added screen time for my eldest son as he wears prescription glasses and we made sure to get the blue light coating put on his glasses.

I do hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during these difficult and unprecedented times. Take care and I'll be back with another blog post soon.

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