Progress Over Perfection

Perfection implies there’s no room for improvement. As a human race we are always evolving, learning, growing. We are NOT nor will we EVER be perfect. Perfect actually seems kinda boring if you ask me. I mean if you're perfect, what is there for you to strive for and work towards?? Instead let’s learn, grow, and continually work to improve and level-up 🙌🏻.

The physical and mental improvements that I personally have seen throughout my journey are in my strength and motivation, but more profoundly, my mindset!

I began my journey a few weeks after turning 40 which also happened to be when the first Stay-At-Home order (Covid-19) went into effect in Alberta. Life had suddenly flipped upside down and stress doubled... tripled... quadrupled... you get the picture. All insecurities, frustrations, and anxieties I already had were suddenly amplified, new ones crept up, and it all felt like an Everest-sized mountain in front of me.

Staring at that mountain day in and day out and feeling myself slip into a dark hole, I finally made the decision to control the baby step at a time. My children and my husband were counting on me and I was NOT about to let them down! This is where my wellness journey began. You can read more about it in greater detail in the previous blog posts: A Wellness Journey That Has Truly Transformed Me.

As the weeks and months of my journey went on, I was continually improving, physically and mentally. That mountain didn’t disappear, in fact it’s still there to this day, but I’ve learned how to navigate and ascend that mountain. Have I reached the top? HECK NO! Not sure I ever will frankly. But that doesn’t bother me or scare me because I know it’s only UP from here.

When you surround yourself with the right people and constantly work on opening your heart and your mind, INCREDIBLE things begin to happen and then suddenly your growth takes on a life of it's own and creates this snowball effect.

Have there been challenges and bumps along the way? OMG YES! Have I questioned my abilities and had self doubts? MORE THAN I'D CARE TO ADMIT! But, I have survived 100% of my bad days and challenges my entire life and I've always come out on top and learned a few things along the way. So I'm not letting fear, doubt, the unknown take control and stop me and I'm just going to keep on keeping on! It's in the challenges that change happens.

Drop a 🗻 below of you are overcoming challenges and feel free to share details to help inspire others. If you haven’t yet but you feel ready to take on a challenge drop a 🧗‍♀️ and/or DM me so I can help you navigate and cheer you on!

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